Rental conditions => rehearsal studio blues

We want a creative and relaxed cooperation, both among musicians and bands, as well as between all users of the rehearsal studios, our neighbors and Rooms4Music. This worked well so far and it should remain like that in the future. The spirit of this is summarized in the 8 verses of the rehearsal studio blues (our house rules, sorry only available in German).

By the way: We are still looking for a band who can turn the rehearsal studio blues into a song …

Frequently asked questions about the lease:

How does the online booking for a rehearsal studio work?

Enter your details at the online booking form. You will receive a confirmation via email with the code number for access. If the rehearsal room you have booked is occupied, there is an upgrade to the next higher-value available space. Like a car rental, if all matchbox cars are occupied, you get to ride in the Mercedes.

What is the cheapest deal, is a student rate available?

The cheapest option is the monthly rent on a weekly booking in one of the equipped rehearsal rooms (for example, the room trio for 105 € a month). During the day before 5:00 p. m., there is student fare available with 20% discount, which is only 84 € a month!

Would a permanent lease contract work for my band?

For about three band practice dates per month, the monthly rent is the cheaper option.

How flexible can I be with the choice of the band practice day on a permanent lease?

One day per week is regualarly reserved for you, e.g. each Tuesday. A replacement appointment on another day is possible within one week if there is a room available.

Can I have an Internet or phone connection in the rehearsal room?

Yes, almost all rooms are equipped with CAT5 network cabling, and we can connect an Internet connection for 10 € per month.

Are there addiditional charges?

All rental prices are including all utilities.

What happens in the equipped rehearsal rooms (solo to septet) if there are technical defects with the equipment?

Defects from wear and tear takes Rooms4Music. Bands are obliged to report defects, so that we can provide intact equipment for the next band. We keep a supply of replacement equipment. You are responsible for damage due to improper handling.

How long is a permanent lease?

Typically, a permanent lease is for an unlimited time with a cancellation period of 2 weeks to the end of the month.