Customer Review from our bands and musicians

The following comments are from the bands and musicians who have used the rehearsal studio Stuttgart:

General Cusomer Reviews:

  • Great idea
  • Smooth flow
  • And because the evaluation of the use of your rooms, I give your team a total of 1.0.
  • I and my colleagues are very satisfied.
  • This happened to me never before, is organized class! (Consumption of materials, information and events offered)
  • Total Super
  • So I am still very thrilled with how everything works reliably and well in the rehearsal studio center.
  • So as a general note I can only assign an absolute one (very good).
  • Extremely relaxed relationship to Frank and Klaus!
  • Thanks for a super nice year, keep it up!
  • Thank you and please do so on!
  • Compared to our old rehearsal space, everything is much better!
  • Keep it up

For more ideas, wishes, criticism, suggestions and complaints:

Perhaps more soft drinks in the bar [Rooms4Music Comment: they are ordered]

Since we have no exclusive space we can unfortunately only on certain days straight, but a transfer is always very short and spontaneous and always works very well.

And if you ever open further rehearsal studios, maybe in a busier location. I know that is difficult due to the noice.

The open house was great! The number of visitors in the rehearsal space center was good (though certainly still be improved).

A snack and cigarette vending machine would be great! [Comment Rooms4Music: cigarette machine is installed, food is available at the canteen or Italian restaurante next door]

Please further actions such as Open House. Open air concerts with the bands or in the rehearsal room, barbecues, etc. [Rooms4Music Comment: An open air concert will take place on 08.06.2011]

A review panel from the floor on which you can enter the bands and individual musicians their appointments and contacts for consultation (ie a „map“ that provides enough space for such records) in the musicians‘ meeting or to the „bulletin board“ in the course of it. [ Comment Rooms4Music: Location of the rehearsal rooms across from the elevator is available].

What I like best:

  • that we finally have a found a rehearsal studio
  • all very reliable and straightforward
  • Cleanliness
  • Rest
  • Option Kitchen
  • Parking garage
  • The landlord and his handling of all matters
  • That one has a reliable job of space in which one very, very well can make music
  • The atmosphere
  • many other musicians
  • the entire idea!
  • Shower
  • Atmosphere
  • Service
  • The opportunity to meet like-minded
  • With the many musicians
  • Organization / Equipment
  • That you really take care here as the survey. Praise (+++)